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    Financing my Europe to Asia bicycle tour
    This is what I'm doing to finance my Europe to Asia bicycle tour.
    2017 Europe to Asia Bicycle Tour
    For the past several years, I’ve had the thought, many thoughts, too many thoughts of biking the Silk Road. I’ve consumed many blogs, books and met many bicycle travelers. But I’ve had enough of watching from sidelines. I will bike from Europe to Asia to raise $50,000 for the Major Taylor Project.
    I Told Them.
    You planned out your whole adventure. You've told your friends and everyone else EXCEPT your parents. I don't know about you but its always been difficult for me telling my parents about my plans. My Mom & Dad just want me to settle but there is adventure is out there and I'm going to go find it!
  • BOLD
    Find A Way
    Whenever I wanted something, I went and found a way. Go find your path.
    Tour Angels
    People, they are what make adventures memorable. On my bicycle travels, I call them tour angels and they come in all forms. These angels have saved me in many situations, looked after me and provided a safe haven for me to relax from cycling.
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