10 Reasons to Bike Travel with your Partner

bicycle travel with partner

partner helmets

  1. It’s a good test to see if he or she is compatible with you
    • You get to see your partner at their worst and how they react
  2. You are able to push each other physically, emotionally, and mentally
    • Imagine all of those steep climbs and crappy weather conditions!
  3. Cram into a 2-person tent every night (imagine all the cuddles!)
  4. Makes traveling by bike even cheaper!
    • Split all of the traveling costs (food, housing, etc)
  5. You get to share the load in your bike panniers
    • Split the weight of the tent, equipment, food and water
  6. You are physically fit and healthy together
    • You can eat unhealthy foods and still burn more calories then you eat!
    • Plus, if you eat more than your partner… SECONDS!
  7. Create amazing memories together
    • Appreciate everything in the country you bike through. The landscapes, culture and people one pedal stroke at a time
  8. Fearing for your partners safety while riding shows you how much you really care about them
  9. There is nothing better after a long days ride to embrace and congratulate each other on your successes
  10. You get to look back and say to your partner, “wow we really biked that far”

Some say that just traveling with a partner is the best way to find out. If you want to take it a step further, try traveling on bikes together! This is a personal list of what I found out to be awesome reasons to travel by bike with a partner. If you ride together, you can reside together.

If you have any other reasons please feel free to share below!