Bicycle Tour Hesitations

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At the end of summer of this year (2017) I plan on leaving for my Europe to Asia bicycle tour. Throughout many months of planning, there have never been any hesitations about leaving to pursue my dream of cycling the Silk Road.

But lately, I have had thoughts of delaying my trip to settle down for a bit. I have never experienced being part of a strong community that has the same passions that I have. After years of wandering and moving to different countries, I finally found a place and a cycling community that I love. Not mention, a rad job working with youth on bicycles. Am I crazy for thinking about delaying my bicycle travels?

In order to wrap my head around all of this, I have been asking close friends and co-workers on their opinions about my hesitations. The majority stated that it would be crazy not to depart on my adventure. After all, I have been planning and saving for this trip for such a long time. This was very unexpected, especially for myself for these thoughts to arise.

Man its hard to leave when co-workers are wanting you to stay and you love your job.

Bicycle touring is always at the front my mind and what I’m most passionate about. Maybe I’m just getting cold feet. After all, this is a long duration and distance to travel. I have no doubts that once I’m on the road, I’ll know I made the right decision to go.