Bicycle Tour Memories


Today, I started flipping back in my journal to earlier this year during my New Zealand bicycle tour. I found some entertaining entries that I totally forgot about. One of the ways I decided to keep track of what happened on a tour is to draw a map. I wish I had any artistic talent to make it look decent.
nz-bike-tour-mapEvery single day I drew a little icon to symbolize what happened that day. For the most part I can recall what happened from what I drew, haha.

Memories tend to fade so easily so to record them and look back on what happened is such an amazing
feeling. There really should be a word for that…

I decided to invest in a cycling travel journal kickstarter because of their ingenuity of gearing a journal to toward bicycle trips. Once I upon this I was SOLD.

Another method of storing my bicycle touring memories is to upload one picture a day on instagram for my whole tour. It’s something I adopted while I lived in China for a year, I took 365 pictures, 365/365. Even on the uneventful days where nothing exciting or memorable happened. Even those pictures took me back.
nz bike tour instagramWith all of the social media, we tend to post our highlights, never any bloopers. It contains everything positive that has happened with our lives but it never gets personal, never gets deep. I have 3 journals from the last 3 years, and each has a different phase of my life contained inside. So much growth has happened in those three years, and having something private opens up something inside to write with authenticity and without judgement. A journal is a key to someone’s understanding, memories, and soul, a journal is priceless.

is the way
being speaks to you.
-Nayyirah Waheed

Memories are precious, don’t lose them. Especially the ones on two wheels.