Financing my Europe to Asia bicycle tour


Financing my Europe to Asia bicycle tour comes from my own ambition for adventure and challenge. A few years back I was living alongside the Silk Road as a volunteer in the Peace Corps. This was where I learned about bicycle touring and how I started cycling. I’ve had some setbacks, moving & working in New Zealand and Seattle but I knew this goal was going to happen somewhere down the line.

Ever since I’ve been gathering equipment, outdoor skills and money to finance my Europe to Asia bicycle tour. All of my equipment was collected overtime as I quickly became infatuated with the outdoors. I started out with used equipment from REI garage sales, craigslist, proDEALS (outdoors industry) & eBay. Slowly, I upgraded to gear that would be suitable for a long distance bicycle tour. Gear is expensive and I wanted quality so it took some patience and saving up.

As for money for the trip, I’m currently an Americorps volunteer. Keyword: volunteer. So obviously I’m not making a lot of money (#stipendlife) BUT I am living frugally and loving my job with the Major Taylor Project. Ever since I moved to Seattle, I decided to live out of my van while using food stamps, provided by the government for volunteers.
No rent, cooking with money from stamps-> savings for my tour.

I have always been frugal and resourceful so there is also money from my savings. But by August, I believe I will meet my goal of 10k for the trip. As for my student loans, I am planning on using my Americorps education award towards my loans as I’ll be racking up interest while I’m on my tour. I don’t think its possible to ever “save enough money,” its all about just going for it and making it happen. My favorite bicycle traveller that I follow is Jin, a South Korean female, who has been biking around the world for the past five years!

The only reason while I’m able to make this happen is DRIVE. Right now its freezing as I’m sleeping in my van this winter but I’m persevering for something greater. To be able to make sacrifices knowing that it will be for the life I want is no sacrifice at all.

“To travel is worth any cost or sacrifice.”- Elizabeth Gilbert