Find A Way


I just hopped out of the gym shower and was about to go sleep in my van but felt inspired so here I am typing. While I was showering, I asked myself “why am I doing this?” “why am I living like this?”

Think about your greatest obsession. You never get tired learning about it, reading it, doing it and it consumes your thoughts, daily. Well for me that’s traveling by bicycle, it has been a goal of mine for the past several years to do a long distance bicycle tour. I decided that I will ride my bicycle from Europe to Asia. It is my goal and it will forever consume my thoughts until I complete it.

Just like bicycle travel, whenever I wanted something I found a way to make it happen. I wanted to travel the world being a broke college graduate so I spent hundreds of hours on the internet and ended up learning about travel hacking. I haven’t paid for an airline ticket in years. Check out my ultimate travel resource page!

Teaching my students White Elephant!

I wanted to immerse in a different country and culture so I joined the Peace Corps and was placed in China. Where I actually discovered my passion for biking. I even made a video about it, winning me a bicycle!

nz ranger badgeI didn’t enjoy teaching English or China and I wanted to be in nature. So I moved to New Zealand and  landed a job with the Department of Conservation as a Park Ranger.

BOLD StudentsI wanted to work with youth in the outdoors so I found a outdoor education fellowship in Seattle.

I couldn’t afford living in Seattle and save up for my bike tour so I live in my van.

I wanted to work with youth and bikes, so here I am working at Cascade Bicycle Club in Seattle as an Americorps Volunteer.

seattle skyline on bikesEvery single time, I found a way.

But it has never been easy. I made choices that were selfish and the sacrifices were difficult but the payoffs have been worth it. Always. I believe that for most situations, there usually is a way. A way to make it through, a way to make it easier, a way to find success. It will probably be an uphill battle but I guarantee that wherever yours dreams lie, there is a path.

We live in an incredible time with resources like the internet. Try a google search or two or a thousand. There most likely someone who is living your dream or even the process of doing it! Get it contact with them, let this passion consume your thoughts and go for it! That’s what I did, created my own path.

Go find your way.