This is a list a huge list of resources for those who currently traveling, want to travel or want to make a career out of traveling.

Why did I create this and why listen to me? I have sailed around the Atlantic Ocean, backpacked Europe, performed clarinet internationally and visited 25+ countries. This is not for bragging rights but to let you know that I’ve traveled in many different ways and of course wanting to do it on the cheap. As a result, is this huge list of resources to incorporate travel in your life whether you are in college, graduated or traveling right now (lucky you). There was so much I learned over the years about budgeting, getting free hotels and flights, finding a career involving travel and studying abroad that I lost track. This is the resource I created so I can refer to and now you can too!

How to use this guide:

It is split into different parents depending on what you’re looking for:

  • In college and want to study abroad
    1. Different Study Abroad Programs (Sailing, Volunteer, Specific Country)
    2. ROTC Language Programs
    3. Undergraduate Teaching Programs
    4. Most popular study abroad companies
  • Graduate/Post-Graduate international opportunities
    1. Entrepreneurship
    2. International Research
    3. Language Studies
  • Jobs that get you away from home 
    1. Fun/Unique jobs
    2. Seasonal, Remote Jobs
  • International Volunteer Programs 
    1. Paid
    2. S. Government Funded
  • Careers that incorporate travel 
    1. Teaching Abroad
    2. Airline Industry
    3. S. Government
    4. Humanitarian (Private, non-profit)
  • How to live abroad and become an expat 
    1. Resources
  • Currently traveling: Budgeting, Places to Stay and Jobs 
  • Alternatives 
    • Save Up (After graduating I spent two months backpacking Europe for only $3,070 dollars, airfare and eurail pass included =$1387.20. Read my article here, )
    • Travel Competitions
    • Adventure Trips
  • Travel Hacking, How to get free flights and hotel stays (Page 8)
    1. Easiest method
    2. Harder method

Please keep in mind that this is a huge list but I am certain there are so many opportunities out there just waiting to be discovered.

PROTIP: Press Ctrl+F and search for a keyword you are interested in.

In College and Want to Study Abroad

Study Abroad! Before you even start reading this section go talk to your study abroad coordinator about options to go abroad!

· Are you interested in seeing as many countries as possible? Semester at Sea

· Want to spend a whole semester learning how to sail, scuba dive or navigate the seas?

· Want more out of your experiences abroad through an apprenticeship and training that will help you in the future? Global Citizen Year, Thinking Beyond Borders

·  Check out TALK (Teach and Learn in Korea) which an educational scholarship that allows those with Associate degrees or for undergraduates in their second year to teach in rural areas of South Korea while experiencing the learning the language for a six-month or one-year commitment.

· Interested in a specific country? Check out couple of these programs. IES, CIEE,AIFS

For more information check out: Go Overseas A great website that I have written for that have resources for all types of study abroad programs.

ROTC Language Flagship Programs (Government pays ROTC cadets to travel to a foreign country for language learning) A popular one is Project Go sponsored by the Department of Defense. There are many Language ROTC programs as well for specific universities. So check ask around!

Graduate/Post-Graduate student international opportunities

Not as many opportunities as undergraduate students but if you missed your chance here are some ways to get go international

Post Graduate:

  • Interested in social justice and willing to commit to a yearlong service fellowship in education, conservation, poverty, or housing reconstruction?
    1. Grinnell Corps

Jobs that get you away from home

  • Work at a Resort whether it be in paradise or somewhere else away from home. They usually pay for housing and meal.
  • International Summer Camps
    Check out Village Camps or to work with international camp staff and campers in the United States apply to Windsor Mountain International Summer Camp. I’ve personally done this and was a great way to meet international people. Months later when I backpacked Europe I stayed a two friends I met at camp!
  • Love the water? Lifeguarding.
  • Prefer the cold? Then in the winter apply for a ski resort or as a ski patrol. Winter Jobs, Vail Ski Resort (U.S.)

Check out these websites for Unique/Adventure Jobs!
Backdoor jobs, Cool works, Job Monkey, Seasonal Workers, Looking for Adventure

  • Love Children? Become an Au Pair. A German friend of mine that worked with at summer camp has been doing it for 2 years and she absolutely adores it! Interexchange, Go Aupair
  • Into music or have a background with audio/lighting/musical equipment? Looking into becoming a Roadie, Get into This can even be done professionally if you are very good.

8)   Work online as a freelancer (writer, editor, graphic designer, website developer, virtual assistant, photographer) Check out Elance or oDesk or Freelancer

9)   Or find a job where you can work location independent, remotely (consultant, day trader, Independent agent: Leapforce, Lionsbridge) Interested in tutoring online? Tutor Or try the more difficult paths as a blogger, internet marketer or content creator. If you do really well then it can become your career!

10)  Entertainer: My good friend Paul Wagner, a Corporate Comedian, has won 8 New England Emmy’s, worked with Snoop Dogg and a finalist for ABC’s Star Search. I’ve also had the chance to travel the world with Barry Lubin aka Grandma the Clown and he been clowning all over the world!

Live Abroad

  • Apply for a work visa! I lived in New Zealad under a Work-Holiday Visa! The most common countries are Australia, New Zealand or the U.K. Want to make the process easier? Do it through BUNAC, STA Travel
  • Specifically for Canada

International Volunteer Programs

Government Funded: Peace CorpsFEMA Corps

Se7en Database of nearly-free volunteer opportunities worldwide

Career Paths that incorporate travel

Teach English Abroad: First earn a TEFL or CELTA English Teaching certification. CELTA is the more widely regarded but more expensive course.

  • Teaching Opportunities

EPIK (English Teaching Program in Korea)
JET (Japan Exchange and Teaching Program)
Auxiliares de Conversación (Spain)

§  Check out this blog post by blogger Young Adventuress

CIEE (non-profit/non-governmental)

Resources:, Reddit (TEFL), Top Ten Places to Teach Abroad

2)    Work for an airline company as a Flight Attendant, Ramp Agent or etc. You get free travel benefits for you and the immediate family!

Domestic: US Airlines: Virgin America, Southwest, Delta, American Airlines, US Airways, United Airlines, Alaskan Airlines

International: Singapore Airlines, Korean Air, British Airways, Qatar Airways, Air Canada, Swiss Airlines, Asiana Airlines and the list goes on…

A travel blogger friend of mine Kerwin McKenzie, has been working in the airline industry for 15+ years. He runs the blog Crusin altitude (travel advice) and Travel Blogger 101 (Everything about travel blogging). He has the inside scoop about everything about the airline industry so check out his website for more information!

3)  Become a entrepreneur

  • Have an amazing start up idea? Check out Start up Chile, a bootstrap program helping startups all over the world go global.
  • Find a way to build a business online so you can work remotely. Join the new revolution of the “digital nomad”

4)    Worldwide Chef

5)  Work for the U.S. Federal Government

Federal Law Enforcement: FBI, NSA, ATF, DEA, NCIS (yea, it really exists) Homeland Security, Federal Air Marshal Service, Secret Service (they do more than just guard the President of the United States), Border Patrol

Humanitarian Aid: USAID, FEMA, U.S. Foreign Service,Civil Servant for U.S. Department of State

6) Work for Independent agencies that are government owned

United States Antarctic Program, EPA, FTC, CIA

7)  Work for worldwide organizations U.N.. UNICEF, NATO, ICRC

Government contracted: Fire fighter, oil rigger, Field Service Technician (apply on

8) Join the Armed Forces (Go talk to a recruiter in your area!)

Coast Guard, Army, Marines, Air Force, Navy)

9) For the religious consider becoming a Missionary. Go to Seminary then enter a program like Youth With A Mission (YWAM).

10) Work for a non-profit/private organizations/charitable organizations:

Idealist (“The world’s best place to find volunteer opportunities, nonprofit jobs, internships, and organizations working to change the world since 1995.”) International Committee of the Red Cross, World Vision International

11) Become a Diplomat
12) Work on a cruise ship (Royal Caribbean, Disney, Carnival, MSC, Celebrity etc)

Work on a sail boat, or luxury yacht as deckhand, maid, engineer, cook or crew worker. These two websites would be your best bets Crew bay, Crew Yacht

13) Travel Nurse
15) Archaeologist. List of open positions at
16) Great with words? Try following the footsteps of a reporter, journalist, writer for a international news company (National Geographic, CNN, BBC, Huffington Post)
17) Apply as a Teacher or Professor for Special Travel Schools
The Traveling School an or Semester at Sea
18) Want to be trained to work for a startup company after graduation? Venture for America
19) Become a Pyrotechnic: A good friend of mine does firework shows internationally. You need to first get your license, check out PGI, Pyrotechnics Guild International.

How to Live Abroad and become an Expat

Living in a different country than your own is consider an expatriate. There are many forums and websites that I can help you achieve this.

Forums: Ex Patriot Cafe

Resources by countries: Transitions Abroad

Jobs with work permits: Overseas Exile

Website on Migrating to Canada Migrating to Canada informative post

Amazing website: Expat Exchange

12 Tips For Moving to a Foreign Country

Blog post on how a Californian moved to the south of France

Currently traveling: Budget, Places to Stay and Jobs

1) Work abroad websites (Helpx, Workaway, WOOFING, Moving Worlds)

I personally used workaway to work on a farm in Utizgen, Switzerland for two and a half weeks!

Work as a Bar Tender, SCUBA Instructor, Surf Instructor, waiter, hostel worker (all you have to do is ASK

Hostel worker

Farm travel jobs

Yoga Travel jobs

Surfing jobs

Diving jobs

Volunteer Travel Jobs

2) Find someone to host you!

Warmshowers (for cyclists, my personal favorite) Couch surfing, Global freeloaders, Be Welcome, Hospitality Club (online communities that hosts other travelers)

Bizpora  (community for entrepreneurs and business people)

3) Homesitting, taking care of someone else’s home while they are away

Mind My House ($20 annual fee)
Trusted House Sitters ($60 annual fee)
House Carers ($55 annual fee)
DigsVille (Free but heard mixed reviews)

4) Work Odd jobs

Check out Turners blog: Around the World in 80 jobs or Jacqueline’s Escape Normal

5) Tour Guide (Walking Tours, Schools for becoming a Tour Guide ITMIand IGA )

6) Have a hidden talent and want to start taking it to the street? Consider busking! Also known as street performing (music, living statue, magic, special skills). Check out this solo female cyclist pedaling with her dog and her violin!

&) Want to have a free road trip? (U.S. Only) Transport a Car! If you have a clean driving record you can drive cars with delivery companies. Call and ask them if they have cards they need transporting. Here’s one example:


Feeling lucky? Enter into travel competitions

Want to be in a Travel Show?

Think you have the guts to jump on a plane with no funds? Arriving in a country where you don’t speak the language and travel with three strangers for 3-9 months as a camera crew follows you around recording your whole adventure? Well then, Jet Set Zero is for you.

Adventure: Want to have an adventure for a good cause?  Rickshaw Challenge

For Extra Information on Living, Working and Studying Abroad:

Travel Hacking, How to get flights and hotel stays 

What is travel hacking? A legal method of collecting miles and rewards in order to achieve free or close to free airfare or hotel stays.

Credit Cards: The Easiest Way to Get Free Flights/Hotels Stays

Signing up for reward credit card offers. Unfortunately, it is mainly for U.S. and Canadian residents.  But there is a catch. You need to have a good credit card history in order to be accepted for these bonus offers from credit card companies. Check out your credit score at Credit Karma which is a free, trusted resource. Also responsibility is paramount for this method as you need pay off your credit card in full in order to be in good standard and not fall into debt.

 The Difficult Ways without Credit Cards

  1. Purchasing products through online airline malls
  2. Filling out Online Surveys: The most difficult way to earn points. Only receive points in small amounts but if your points are coming close to their expiration date, this is an easy way to renew them.

Read this excellent post:

Resources to get you started:

Best list of resources for all things credit cards:

Read these informative blog posts to get started on frequent flier mile hacking (using credit cards):


Flyer Talk, Mile Point, Frequent Flier (online forums about travel hacking)

Cards for Travel (Best Credit Cards for earning flier miles)
Million Mile Secrets, The Points Guy, Boarding Area, Hack My Trip (Popular Travel Hacking websites)